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otherworldly adj : existing outside of or not in accordance with nature; "find transcendental motives for sublunary action"-Aldous Huxley [syn: nonnatural, preternatural, transcendental]

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  1. Of, concerned with, or preoccupied with a different world than that of the tangible here and now, such as a heavenly, spiritual, or imaginary world.
    • 1917, H. G. Wells, God, the Invisible King, ch. 5,
      Every religion that becomes ascendant, in so far as it is not otherworldly, must necessarily set its stamp upon the methods and administration of the law.
    • 2007, Clive Davis, "Simphiwe Dana: The One Love Movement on Bantu Biko Street," Times of London, 26 Aug.,
      Dana has the otherworldly temperament of a mystic.
  2. Not belonging to the real world; unnatural; odd and unfamiliar.
    • 1919, John Galsworthy, Saint's Progress, ch. 7,
      He had not seen cricket played since the war began; it seemed almost otherworldly, with the click of the bats, and the shrill young voices.

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